Chemo brain is real and can make you forget important topics to cover during your next appointment. Use your doctor’s visit wisely by recording  important questions as they arise so you can refer to them during the visit. Record your visit to remember what your doctor advised. All proceeds go to further patient support, education and research by the CrowdCare Foundation.

Download Chemo Brain Doc Notes

Remembering your important questions

  • Reminders for your next visit

    The time with your doctor is valuable. Record your important questions to cover the most critical issues at the appointment. Remember questions about your prescriptions, side effects, symptoms, test results or create your own folders

  • text or voice memos

    Make note of your questions with text memos, or record questions as voice memos to play back later.

  • record your visit

    Many cancer patients make an audio recording of their visit for later review. Saving the visit as a voice memo allows you to review medical terminology, explanations and next steps following the appointment so you don’t forget a thing. (Please ask your doctor for permission before recording.)