The mission of the CrowdCare Foundation is to provide patient education, support, and advocacy to rare and terminal disease communities and to connect the dots of patient data to identify meaningful solutions. Today, the CrowdCare Foundation is focused on two rare and terminal diseases – ALS (Lou Gherig’s Disease) and the blood cancer, multiple myeloma.

The CrowdCare Foundation provides online services and support for these two communities:

Patient-Centric Communities: For each disease community, we provide websites with the latest news and information on ALS Crowd and Myeloma Crowd. We also create patient Facebook support and information groups.

Online Radio Shows: For each disease community, the CrowdCare Foundation hosts online radio shows interviewing top researchers specializing in that disease. The ALS Crowd Radio show and mPatient Myeloma Radio shows offer insights to patients in easy-to-understand terms directly from top scientific investigators for each disease, enabling patients to increase their knowledge and find treatments and specialists for their very best care.